Our Story

Dileti is an ethical jewelry brand established in 2021 during a time of uncertainty and reflection. Realising the return and importance of timeless design and lifetime investments, Dileti offers diamond jewelry that can be passed down generations.

Ethical Luxury

Our planet is the ultimate form of luxury and caring for it stands at the core of our brand. We exclusively use conflict-free diamonds that do not cause harm to our planet, support conflict and destroy animal habitats.

Artisanal Craft

Our craft is a union of ethics and aesthetics, form and function. Our skilled team of diamond artisans make sure each single piece of jewelry reaches a state of qualitative perfection.

Timeless Essentials

Longevity is the best form of sustainability. We create original yet versatile timeless pieces that will stay with you for a lifetime and can passed down generations to come.

Affordable Luxury

Everyone loves diamonds but for many its pricetag can seem out of reach. Dileti offers a sustainable alternative to the jewelry industry through conflict-free diamonds, timeless design and accessible pricing.

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