Lab-Grown Diamonds

A lab-grown diamond is chemically and optically identical to a mined diamond.
Lab-grown diamonds exhibit the same fire, scintillation and sparkle as a natural diamond.

Yes, it is a real diamond, even the most sophisticated gem laboratories certify it as diamonds.


If avoiding conflict or blood diamonds is important to you, lab-created diamonds provide peace of mind that a natural diamond often cannot, and you may find reassurance in knowing the exact origin of your diamond. Ecologically and environmentally favourable, lab grown diamonds neither scratch nor scar our planet with mining, 100% eradicating the stigma of blood diamonds and minimizing our carbon footprint. On purchasing lab-grown diamonds, you are gifting the Earth with a renewed lease of life.

The true value of the diamond you choose is the love and intimacy it symbolizes. Make a belief, stand by it and watch it grow by leaps and bounds.


A significant percentage of the revenues procured from the sale of mined diamonds primarily funds armed conflict. The origin of LabGems diamonds is bereft of the vagaries of war, human rights violation and child labour.

Environmentally Friendly

Diamond mining has caused devastating effects on our natural environment, leading to forced relocation and evacuation of local communities and animals.

Fair Labour Practices

Most mined diamonds are harvested in factories that exploit workers, and are devoid of optimum safety measures. Our diamond artisans are predisposed to fair labour practices and work in a secure environment.

We believe that luxury should not come at the
cost of the planet

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