Perfect Diamonds

We sincerely understand and acknowledge that purchasing a diamond is a significant milestone, as well as potentially one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make. Hence we ensure that every Dileti lab-created diamond center stone that you buy is independently verified and graded for quality using the same scientific standards applied to mined diamonds. At Dileti, our main ideology is quality over everything.
Keeping this fundamental as our foremost principle, the diamonds used are of superior quality, colour and clarity. Lab-grown diamonds of top colour F+ and top clarity VVS+ are encrusted in our timeless jewellery.

Our partnership with independent, internationally recognized laboratories, including IGI, AIG, HRD, CGL, is a guaranteed assurance so that each of our potential clients is infused with confidence and certainty that the evaluation process is uniform, objective and authentic.

Certification Process

A fully certified, independent diamond grading laboratory evaluates and analyses quality by using the stone’s unique attributes. These include cut, colour, clarity, carat weight, polish, symmetry, and other key characteristics. Evaluators use high precision microscopes and standardized scientific techniques designed for accuracy and consistency.
The laboratory then issues a formal report, grading each attribute in detail. A visual “map” of the loose diamond further illustrates any inclusions or “birthmarks” that were formed during the creation of the diamond. This report includes a unique identification number that accompanies your diamond.
For added assurance and our word of honour, our center diamonds can feature a microscopic inscription of the unique identification number on the girdle of the stone (upon request). This laser inscription can only be seen under a microscope but in no way impacts the beauty of the certified diamond. Because it never wears off, it functions as a stamp of promise that the lab-created diamond we are offering today will exude the same shine and sparkle on your or your loved one’s finger for years to come.

We believe that luxury should not come at the
cost of the planet

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