Athina Solitaire Halo Oval Double Bail Pendant

 1157 5276

The design
DILETI created the Athina solitaire halo oval diamond pendant as a timeless piece of jewellery, featuring sustainable diamonds grown in a lab. It’s a classic yet versatile pendant that you’ll be able to wear it in a multitude of occasions. Thanks to its halo crown, the pendant has an innovative shape that will seduce even the younger generation.

Our stylist says:
“This is a piece that you will hand down to your children and future generations. The new generations will be able to enjoy the pendant as a treasured family heirloom that never goes out of fashion. »
– Price of pendants include the chain shown in the pictures.
– The image on the model of the jewellery shows the actual size of the diamond according to the carat weight chosen from the drop down menu.




360° Product View

The new era of diamonds.

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