Aurelia Solitaire Oval Double Bail Pendant

 700 4370

The design The Solitaire Oval diamond pendant by DILETI is a timeless staple featuring a sustainable diamond grown in a lab, held by four prongs and set on a 18k solid gold chain. Our four-prong oval diamond necklace can be worn at a formal event, for a date, a business meeting or while cycling on holiday with your family. It’s a versatile piece of jewellery that you’ll be able to wear it in a multitude of occasions. A classic and timeless shape, the Oval diamond pendant is popular with all ages. It is a pendant made to be stable Our stylist says: “The family jewel ideal for every generation, this is a piece that you will be able to share down generations. The delicate Oval shape of the diamond makes it a classic yet unique necklace, timeless and sustainable, that you, your daughters, granddaughters and daughters’ daughters will be wearing for years to come.”
– Price of pendants include the chain shown in the pictures.
– The image on the model of the jewellery shows the actual size of the diamond according to the carat weight chosen from the drop down menu.




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