Fleur Solitaire Pear Double Bail Pendant

 700 4370

The design Cherish your castle in the sky with our Pear shaped diamond pendant mounted in a light basket designed to highlight the unique brilliance of the pear shaped solitaire diamond. This lovely solitaire pendant features a sustainably created diamond grown in a lab at our family atelier, in the heart of Antwerp’s diamond district. This lovely pendant is one of our most sought-after 3-prongs setting, to show off your true colours and make your neck glisten. Our stylist says: “An exquisite pear shaped solitaire diamond pendant designed to be worn and treasure for a lifetime. It shines without distraction and captivates sparkling light. It combines the brilliance of a round shape diamond with the luxury of a marquise one, for an added touch of royalty.”
– Price of pendants include the chain shown in the pictures.
– The image on the model of the jewellery shows the actual size of the diamond according to the carat weight chosen from the drop down menu.




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