Megève Solitaire Halo Radiant Double Bail Pendant

 1157 5276

The design :
Our Megève radiant-cut halo diamond solitaire pendant simply puts the stone as the highlight of the necklace. It lets the shine and clarity of the diamond and its halo crown sparkles, as the light would on the Megève snow.To add to the purity and clarity of the stone, all our diamonds are lab-grown in the heart of the world’s capital of diamonds making your fine jewellery piece a sustainable one that you will hold onto for generations.

Our stylist says :
“I wanted a piece that was bringing together the elegance of a timeless piece and the fun of modernity for the new generation. You can’t go wrong with such a design. »
– Price of pendants include the chain shown in the pictures.
– The image on the model of the jewellery shows the actual size of the diamond according to the carat weight chosen from the drop down menu.




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