Mia Solitaire Assher Double Bail Pendant

 700 4370

The design: Our signature solitaire Assher pendant is made of a simple basket preciously holding a solitaire Assher cut diamond, lab-grown and handmade in Antwerp, using our patented formula. Crafted in four prongs hugging the diamond as you would hug and cherish a loved one. Our solitaire pendant necklace is the perfect gift for you to show and spread your love. The flat setting of the pendant allows it to remain in place without rotating on the chest for added comfort and beauty. With its large step facets and high crown, our solitaire Assher shines like no other diamond. Let yourself go down the endless hallway of Love, with its reflective diamond mirrors where tradition meets innovation! This Assher cut and its recognisable reflections immediately give it a very pleasant vintage look.
Our stylist says: “If you are looking for a classic and elegant diamond pendant; feeling nostalgic of the past, longing for the Art Deco period, the roaring 1920’s or even the late XIXth century … Then choose our solitaire Assher pendant without hesitation! Mount it on our 18 carat gold chain, as shown in the picture, and the result is a unique piece that looks like it came from the most treasured family jewels.
– Price of pendants include the chain shown in the pictures.
– The image on the model of the jewellery shows the actual size of the diamond according to the carat weight chosen from the drop down menu.




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