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Ring size guide

There’s one key question we are always asked: “How do I find my ring size?” so we’ve decided to make it easy for you. We hope that what you find below is everything that you might need so that shopping from home is easy and ejoyable!

1. Measure your own finger

Step 1: Wrap a strip of paper or wide tread around your finger, don’t make it too tight so your finger can slide out as a ring would.
Step 2: Mark the spot where the strip meets and measure the length with a ruler.

You now have the circumference of your finger, which corresponds to European ring sizing. What does it mean ? If it measures 5,3 cm for example, then you should choose a size 53. If you are in between sizes, we recommend that you go for the larger size. As a rule of thumb, you can always remember that you will most likely need a slightly bigger size is if the ring is wide versus slim. If the ring is sleek and slim we recommend that you opt for a lightly smaller size eg. 0,5 size difference. At Dileti we have different styles of rings to meet all tastes at the crossroads of tradition and modernity, our solitaire for example are rather slim in their design.

2. Measure your own ring

Use a ruler and measure the internal diameter. Compare it with the table below :
Millimeters Sizes
Ø14,96 mm
size 47
Ø15,28 mm
size 48
Ø15,60 mm
size 49
Ø15,92 mm
size 50
Ø16,23 mm
size 51
Ø16,55 mm
size 52
Ø16,87 mm
size 53
Ø17,19 mm
size 54
Ø17,51 mm
size 55
Ø17,83 mm
size 56
Ø18,14 mm
size 57
Ø18,46 mm
size 58
Ø19,10 mm
size 60
Ø19,42 mm
size 61
Ø19,74 mm
size 62
Ø20,05 mm
size 63
Ø20,37 mm
size 64
Ø20,69 mm
size 65
Ø21,01 mm
size 66
Ø21,33 mm
size 67
Ø21,65 mm
size 68
Ø21,96 mm
size 69
Ø22,28 mm
size 70

Things to remember:

Before you measure, get to know your body and your fingers :

We all have a dominant and its fingers will be slightly larger than those on the non-dominant hand. Keep in my mind which hand will be wearing the ring when you measure. The weather will also influence your ring size : heat or water retention can make your fingers swell while colder temperature can cause your fingers to shrink a bit there your size may vary from smaller or bigger depending on the season

Ring sizing tips based on designs

Even at home, we are right there with you to help you choose the right size depending on the ring’s design : Large statement/cocktail rings: Broad/thicker ring bands (larger than 6mm) will fit tighter. It is usually better to go half a size up when choosing a thicker band, so the ring can fit comfortably. Stacking rings: Measure the finger you choose to stack rings on and pick a ring that will fit snugly at the base of your finger.

Finding the right size

Your ring should fit snugly at the base of your finger without leaving a mark or any bulging. Check if it fits right by pushing your ring up from under and see if there is a small space between the ring and your finger. If so, there is enough room and the size is correct.

We are always available to answer your question or if you need personal guidance

Shopping online for Dileti rings is easy, fun and enjoyable. We guide you all the way into the process on a daily basis and we have diamond masters available to answer all your questions.

If you are still in doubt, you can get more than one size and try them in the comfort of your home. We accept exchange or resizing and every purchase comes with a lifetime guarantee because your ring size might vary with life.

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